There's no mistaking the Baobab tree - the tree of life.  This unique tree is native to our home continent of Africa and never fails to inspire and amaze us with its "upside down" look and it sheer power and beauty.

Baobab trees are survivors; they thrive in often-harsh conditions and grow to enormous breathtaking size, sturdy and strong.  When you think of the landscapes of Africa, it's likely you visualize the Baobab tree stretching toward the sky.

Certain species of the tree date back thousands of years, with one particular tree in Zimbabwe living to the colossal age of 2,450 years.  The trees grow in dry climates and store water in their trunks to help them survive during periods of drought.

There are eight species of Baobab tress currently existing on earth, but two have been declared endangered.  When you buy a Baobab Roots bag, you help us support organizations that protect existing trees and cultivate new ones, keeping these giant beauties alive and ensuring there will always be a Baobab tree to gaze up at in the future.  One of these organizations is Elephants Without Borders, an organization that works to help wildlife and people live in harmony.  We only have one planet, and each of us can make a difference by caring for its inhabitants - no gesture is too small.



We believe that the first step toward sustainability is buying only what you need and using the items you own faithfully and frequently.  We don't believe in fast fashion.  We believe in forever fashion, in items you can purchase with pride and wear for decades.  Our bags were inspired by the longevity of the Baobab tree and designed to last.

Baobab Roots bags are made with a global perspective - designed in Africa, leather sourced from Italy, and manufactured in the United States.  We don't mass produce our handbags, instead choosing to manufacture in small batches to reduce our carbon footprint while fulfilling demand.

When you buy a Baobab Roots bag, you're making an investment in a company that believes in true fashion sustainability and preservation of our beautiful environment.