Travel Tips to Make Your Busy Life Easier


After more than a year of sticking close to home, we’ve got the travel bug again — and we’re sure you do too. The holiday season is here, which means many people will be hopping aboard a plane, train, or automobile to reunite with family and friends far and wide. Whether you’re driving a short distance to Grandma’s house or jetting off on a multi-week trip overseas, a few simple hacks for your travel routine will help you navigate the airport or highway with ease.


Make a travel master list.

Before you touch a suitcase, suit down and make a list of the things that absolutely, 100% need to come with you on your trip. Separate them into sections like clothing, shoes, beauty products, hobbies and activities, technology, food and snacks, then list out what belongs in each bucket so you don’t forget something essential.


Create a travel capsule wardrobe.

Versatility is key. This tip is especially helpful if you’re trying to avoid checking a bag or heading out on a longer trip. Trust us, you don’t need to bring seven pairs of shoes or three handbags; make a list of the items you know you’ll need first, then take a look at your closet and decide which items can do double duty. Can you wear the same pair of black pants for a few days? Can you fancy up a simple dress with accessories and then wear it casually? Bring items in a limited color palette or things you know you feel comfortable and stylish in so you’re not tempted to buy a whole new wardrobe when you arrive at your destination.


Pack your favorite multitasking products.

Baobab Roots bags were made with multitasking in mind. As frequent travelers ourselves, we wanted to create something that could truly go anywhere and everywhere. Imagine you’re traveling for a wedding; you can carry your bag through the airport crossbody-style, leaving your hands free to haul children or luggage, and then simply remove the straps to carry the same bag as a clutch for the more formal event. Done and done!


Maximize your packing space.

Some world travelers swear by packing cubes to organize their items and save space in their luggage. Others maximize every inch of their suitcase, stowing small items in shoes or rolling T-shirts just so. Pack perfume samples instead of full bottles, and layer up for the flight to bring a few extra clothing items along on your trip. Are you staying with family? Perhaps you can survive with your sister’s blow dryer for a few days instead of bringing your own. Buy travel sizes of your go-to beauty and skincare products so you don’t have to haul big bottles of shampoo along.


Keep chargers and in-flight essentials in one place.

Designate a section of your carry-on bag for absolute in-flight essentials: lip balm, your Kindle or book, phone or tablet chargers, snacks for kids. If you need to, put these must-haves in their own separate bag-in-bag so you don’t have to dig for a granola bar at the gate.


Carry on an extra outfit, just in case.

Don’t get stuck at your destination without clean clothes, contact solution, or other everyday items you can’t live without. Missing luggage happens, and it’s best to be prepared; you can buy a toothbrush, but replacing your glasses is a bit more difficult. Pack an extra outfit and whatever else you need in your carry-on bag just in case, and never check your jewelry or other precious items!