Modern Style Essentials You Should Have in Your Closet

You’ve probably read more than your fair share of lists telling you you absolutely need a white shirt or black dress in your closet, or your wardrobe isn’t complete without a Burberry trench. There’s a reason these items have been classified as essentials by so many — they never go out of style, they’re extremely versatile, and you can easily find one that looks good on your specific body type or fits your personal style.


That being said, those lists sometimes feel a little stale, don’t they? Perhaps you already have the “essentials” in your closet and are looking for a few items to mix things up, or maybe you’re bored by what you’ve been seeing for years. We’ve got our own ideas about the fashion items you should have in your closet for 2022 and beyond.


A pair of statement boots.

We don’t mean basic black. We don’t mean go-to brown everyday boots. We’re talking about statement boots — leopard, snakeskin, studded, whatever! A pair of boots that acts as a conversation piece and takes every outfit over the top, even the most simple and casual T-shirt and jeans, can be indispensable to your wardrobe.


A do-it-all black handbag.

We may be biased, but a LBB goes with everything, works for almost any occasion, and stands the test of time. We designed the Hazo Minimalist and Maximalist bags with this in mind; they’re meant to go with everything in your closet and work for weddings, work dinners, and daycare drop-offs alike. The bags transform from a crossbody to a wristlet to a clutch thanks to removable straps so you can take your bag along wherever you go. What’s more classic than that?


Stylish yet comfortable loungewear.

The pandemic taught us that great loungewear is absolutely worth it. When you’re working, playing, and doing basically everything from home, there’s no need for workwear; instead, lounge-friendly pieces that make you feel good (and a bit stylish) are key. If you’ve found you gravitate towards leggings and a sweater, for example, give those go-to pieces an upgrade and invest in a cozy, super-soft cashmere version of your favorite sweater. If you’re all about athleisure, treat yourself to quality leggings, a supportive and comfortable sports bra, and a new pair of sneakers for workouts or wanderings.


A jewelry wardrobe you love.

So many guides to wardrobe essentials say you should have diamond studs and a watch. Those are absolute classics, but if you’re not a watch or bracelet person, it’ll just gather dust in your jewelry box. Instead, find the jewelry pieces you really love and want to wear. Maybe that’s gold hoops or an elegant chain necklace, or a pendant you fashioned from your grandmother’s ring.


Something red.

Maybe it’s a little red dress. Maybe it’s a glamorous and dramatic red coat. Whatever it is, we think every closet needs a touch of crimson. If scarlet red isn’t your thing, try burgundy or ruby red for a richer jewel tone twist, and if you’re really feeling vibrant, match your lipstick to your outfit, and don’t forget your Hazo Maximalist bag!